After an exceptional time at the Lasker Summer Music Festival this year(away from Internet, FB, and even much cell phone usage)  I have spent the last few days trying to "notice" important things in my life, my family, my music, even my country... The list goes on.  I was overwhelmed much more quickly than I expected.  The sheer pace and volume of my world blows me away.

I spent the morning reviewing photographs, and trying to remember the last year.  It was intensely cathartic and yet unsettlingly difficult.

Has our world come unhinged?  Has the news cycle, the demands of church, school and job blinded us to the important things?

Can we see the shape of our lives, our weeks, our days.. and do we even try?  

As a performing artist, the music's shape and the composer's structure guides the performance.. the audience and the performer inject passion, intensity and connectedness to inform an "authentic experience".

Do you notice the little things, the big things, and all of the shapes in between in your days?


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