Circle of peace and love

Glenn Beck was on a role last night. I really liked this "blackboard" He had six points of connection.. which I commented on, and then added to significantly..  (thanks for Forrest Hulette for #7)

1 no peace without hope
2 no hope without liberty
3 no liberty without integrity
4 no integrity without virtue 
5 no virtue without enlightenment
6 no enlightenment without truth
7 no truth without transparency
8 no transparency without accountability
9 no accountability without community
10 no community without collaboration
11 no collaboration without peace
12 no peace without love

We must start with a desire for and a sense of peace & love, then collaborate to create community, all the while embracing accountability through transparency and truth--  we will encounter enlightenment rooted in virtue, sustained with integrity and encouraged through liberty... 

So in the end, hope and peace are connected  by a long train of principles that seem so foreign to our world these days. Sad.. It is important to remember that if we Skip any one of these, the circle is broken and we instead enter a cycle of despotism..rooted in nothing but talk and disingenuous, manipulative,  rhetoric. 


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