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Big Daddy Bash 2010

Prillaman's Annual Bash where ALL who know or would like to know us are invited..  We do this every year to connect and reconnect with friends, family, neighbors and all of the people from our many worlds.. from opera, to music ministry, to corporate America, to teachers, and childrens' friends, EVEN Facebook & Twitter friends are welcome ;-)

This year is special as the Prillamans celebrate Big Daddy's Big 40th birthday! with a special appearance of pulled pork provided by Bite My Butts out of Tallahassee, Fla

LIVE MUSIC will be PROVIDED by CY Taggart Band --  Swinging, Bluesy, Funky, Reggae Rock!! 

FOOD (COVERED DISH/Family reunion) style... Paper goods, utensils, and drinks along with some bbq tasting.. will be provided.
BRING enough food to feed your crew plus a few... and lawn chairs. 

We’ll all enjoy tons of great food (and cake!), fun games, plenty of music, and the opportunity to make new friends, too!
(Presents optional ;-) Party will continue until everyone leaves.…

Circle of peace and love

Glenn Beck was on a role last night. I really liked this "blackboard" He had six points of connection.. which I commented on, and then added to significantly..  (thanks for Forrest Hulette for #7)

1 no peace without hope
2 no hope without liberty
3 no liberty without integrity
4 no integrity without virtue
5 no virtue without enlightenment
6 no enlightenment without truth
7 no truth without transparency
8 no transparency without accountability
9 no accountability without community
10 no community without collaboration
11 no collaboration without peace
12 no peace without love

We must start with a desire for and a sense of peace & love, then collaborate to create community, all the while embracing accountability through transparency and truth--  we will encounter enlightenment rooted in virtue, sustained with integrity and encouraged through liberty... 

So in the end, hope and peace are connected  by a long train of principles that seem so foreign to our world these days. Sad.. It is i…


During the presidential election of 2008, the "fundamentals are strong" was a big political attack ad.  You remember it.. when McCain said it and economy continued to tank regardless.. calls for bipartisan, collaborations... The bigger question for me is what exactly are my fundamentals?  From the economy, to music, to family, friendships, ministry, and even technology...

Adults establish a plan to build foundations/fundamentals and then build and create something on the foundations/fundamentals of each of these areas.   Children continue to flail around in a perpetual state of learning because they can... their fundamentals are taken care of for them.

I spent the weekend in Princeton NJ dropping my daughters off for a middle school vocal camp at WCC and was struck by how little I even think about my musical fundamentals anymore.  The notes, rhythms, harmonies, history, and technique have become a part of who I am... I took a lesson with a mentor and teacher and he used a si…


After an exceptional time at the Lasker Summer Music Festival this year(away from Internet, FB, and even much cell phone usage)  I have spent the last few days trying to "notice" important things in my life, my family, my music, even my country... The list goes on.  I was overwhelmed much more quickly than I expected.  The sheer pace and volume of my world blows me away.

I spent the morning reviewing photographs, and trying to remember the last year.  It was intensely cathartic and yet unsettlingly difficult.

Has our world come unhinged?  Has the news cycle, the demands of church, school and job blinded us to the important things?

Can we see the shape of our lives, our weeks, our days.. and do we even try?  

As a performing artist, the music's shape and the composer's structure guides the performance.. the audience and the performer inject passion, intensity and connectedness to inform an "authentic experience".

Do you notice the little things, the big t…


"when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. "

If you have the ability, you have the responsibility and the accountability to make change for the better.  I was struck by the use of this line by Nicholas Cage movie "National Treasure" and it has remained in my psyche.  

The despotism discussed here could be created by an oppressive monarch or by an uneducated electorate.  Are the actions and the imperative for action materially different?

I take it one step further, and I apply the logic to a world that is unknowingly ridding itself of art, music, and eventually purpose.  We must seek to create, to change, and not just maintain the status quo of our existence. We must use all our resources and abilities to LIVE.

“For if there is more tragic a fool than the b…

Sad but supposed to be...

Monday is the day that "redeployment" begins.  It is no longer coming, but it is here and now.  A job has been eliminated, a team "reorganized", a leader redistributed and redeployed. Removed after 10 years of building, trying, risking, and committing.  I know the rhetoric, and the cliches, but they aren't first and foremost in my mind today.  There are so many "perhaps" in my mind.  A new job at Capital One, a new opportunity/job here in Richmond,  a relocation for my family, a better job, a worse job,  traveling so much more, missing family time...
Today, I'm a human.  Sad, mad, disappointed, and grieving the loss of a special time and place in my life.  These feelings are real and present. They cannot be buried and must be experienced viscerally as the experiences which they are and for the experience they will provide.  
I am supposed to be hopeful for the future. Perhaps, I'll get there tomorrow.