Digital vs Face community - mashup

The journey towards a world interlaced with digital communities is well underway. Millions of people are on Facebook, LinkedIN... Twitter and a host of collaboration suite technologies are taking the market place by storm with words like "communicating in the cloud".. building relationships, linking people...YET..

Business and community will always be about one on one relationships.  I do business with people that I trust. I talk about the things that matter with people that I know.

These amazing social technology tools are just tools. Consumers yearn to talk to a real voice when they have a problem.  Actually assembling friends face to face if the primary context for the relationship is Facebook is a daunting task.

Technology which bridges time and geography with ideology and communications context is brilliant yet it misses the final piece.  People only share themselves with people they really know.. and the gap between "acquaintance" and "friend" has yet to be bridged by technology.  Until we can actually know one another online, the face to face meet up will remain supreme..   I do hope that it can be, but for all of our technology prowess, I think it may be a while.  Is anyone asking whether this should even be a goal? I wonder.. but that is a post for another day.

A friend explained an excellent methodology to me a few years ago.. We are searching for a seamless escalation of trust and collaboration with connections between people, one to one, one to many, and many to many. USING: IM, Email, to Online, to LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, to telephone, video and beyond.... avatars, virtual worlds, holographs... Who knows?

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