As I was saying... "a three year old is not half a six year old"

I was enthralled in 2006... and I am equally enthralled and inspired by this man's words 4 years later. What an amazing presentation. 17 minutes -- MAKE THE TIME!!! and think about what he is saying. Education and your assumptions about who you are define your actions. You are special.

Some activities and purposes are worth enduring so that you may enjoy other things, but the ratio of enduring to enjoying needs to change.

People to watch and listen to on this include:

  • Sir Ken Robinson
  • Seth Godin
  • Daniel Pink

Someday, maybe I'll join a list like this with my contributions to the world. That is my goal.  As to my success..time will tell. I will keep on trying and trying and trying and I'll trust in my divine spark to guide me.

Sir Ken Robinson "As I was saying"

The first part of this speech.. from 2006


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