Choice, Consequence, Action

We all make choices. For some of us there are consequences....  for others there are bailouts, exceptions, a litany of emergencies for which aid "must" be rendered.. often in defense of some larger or greater good.

I make choices every day and I am held accountable for those choices.  Such is the way of a leader, a parent, and an adult. That is how my value is calculated and what drives my appropriate compensation. It is accepted and understood in the business world that success should be lauded, then quickly copied and distributed.. so that many will benefit from the results.  The market works like this for a reason.  The original "succeeder" is due his worth, but then quickly trumped.. In order to stay on top, he/she must constantly strive to overcome and adapt to the changing conditions of a fickle world.  The impetus to have those success moments is what drives us all during the mass of average and not so successful days. 

When consequences are removed for poor performance, the entire machine fails. governments, churches, orchestras, opera companies, leaders...  The problems lies in the reality that the consumers feel the pain and failure most acutely, rather than those who took the action.  This fact creates cynics the world over. It fuels greed, envy, and even hatred of success. Alas, the many are poisoned by the few.

Freedom and opportunity/CHOICE is the secret sauce for all of us.. from our faith to our finances. It comes with such a price though... We must understand that with that freedom comes the consequence and opportunity of failure along with the potential promise of success. We must continually innovate and face the risk, then adapt, overcome and achieve the goal... hitting a perpetually moving target. Again, and again.. and again..

We must equally accept the personal and shared responsibility of our failures.  If we seek to lead, the burden is that much greater, the risk and consequence exponentially greater...  Ahh, perhaps life really is a gamble.  No, there is one thing I am certain of though... Joy doesn't come from success

Choose your path, or have it chosen for you. Success comes as the result of many small decisions and even a bit of luck many days. Joy is the result of a perspective rooted in humility, service and perspective.


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