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Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose MOTIVATE... thinkers...

Does more money motivate higher performance? - Daniel Pink

There are so many reasons that you all should watch this movie over and over again..and then put it into practice.
Motivation and leadership are not simple and may not be teachable, but there are principles we should follow.Money isn't everything as long as you have enough of it... Regardless it just doesn't motivate people the way most people think...

Memorial Day

Please watch this friends.. it is 12 minutes worth spending to think and remember. I watched the entire video, I prayed, I cried, and I felt literally as though my heart might come out of my chest as the procession continued through towns and streets which seem so very familiar though I've never traveled them. 

These were honorable Americans paying tribute as they could... The time was unique to me...reminding me of my place in this world, in this country and the debt that I owe to our soldiers, both living and fallen! 

I am indeed so proud to be an American!

Choice, Consequence, Action

We all make choices. For some of us there are consequences....  for others there are bailouts, exceptions, a litany of emergencies for which aid "must" be rendered.. often in defense of some larger or greater good.

I make choices every day and I am held accountable for those choices.  Such is the way of a leader, a parent, and an adult. That is how my value is calculated and what drives my appropriate compensation. It is accepted and understood in the business world that success should be lauded, then quickly copied and distributed.. so that many will benefit from the results.  The market works like this for a reason.  The original "succeeder" is due his worth, but then quickly trumped.. In order to stay on top, he/she must constantly strive to overcome and adapt to the changing conditions of a fickle world.  The impetus to have those success moments is what drives us all during the mass of average and not so successful days. 

When consequences are removed for poor…

Interview Questions, and a few answers..

Please explain how we will benefit if we were to hire you in this position as (VP IT, Director, Divisional CIO, Consultant). Leadership and a spirit of innovation are only a means to an end. By hiring me into your organization, you will see immediate positive results in your vendor relationships, your staff’s morale, and in the systems reliability for which I am responsible. My commitment to mission and continual excellence creates and sustains a culture of flexibility and change rooted in a proactive approach to risk management and delivery excellence. My teams and I will get the job done as assigned, and in many cases we will exceed your expectations thus enabling your business to embrace opportunities which would be lost under others’ leadership.

How has your education, past work experience, and/or other life experience prepared you for your career? Diversity, discipline and delivery are all hallmarks of my background. From my childhood and formative early years in rural Southwester…

When the curtain goes up... you are ready. one way or the other...

People get things done, and relationships and engagement are the primary keys to success.  People are creative and powerful, and must be empowered to experiment and solve with incentives which deliver value for them personally as well as for the corporation/organization collectively.

Processes can always be improved and streamlined. This is a focus for every good leader, but it is not a magic bullet as I'm sure you know.  Process mapping and redesign is expensive both in time and resource and it requires specific skillsets to be successful.  Depending on the "maturity" level of our process, we will have varying degrees of success from focusing on the process and that focus can never be in a vacuum.  I am a huge fan of lean process, agile, waterfall SDLC, and a myriad of other delivery models including ADKAR as a change management methodology. That said, process is just a piece of the puzzle and must be skillfully managed and applied as the "power tool" it is.  U…

I believe in the spark!

Believe in the spark in everyone.. especially those whom you could never believe contain it. We are all specific, beloved, first born children of God!

Family time

We, the Prillaman Family, made a debut of sorts this morning in worship at Huguenot Road Baptist Church. I arranged Great is thy faithfulness and we sang/talked with each other and the conversation in celebration of families and family Sunday..  Tidbit:  the best part of this was not the "performance".  We had a great Family time rehearsing and preparing this week, and even doing our group vocal technique warmup this morning at the breakfast table.. It is awesome to do things that you love with your family. Making music, working in the yard, even just hanging out with friends over dinner...  I hope that you have some great conversations with your family and friends this week!

God is good all the time.. and every day is indeed an opportunity!