When the curtain goes up... you are ready. one way or the other...

People get things done, and relationships and engagement are the primary keys to success.  People are creative and powerful, and must be empowered to experiment and solve with incentives which deliver value for them personally as well as for the corporation/organization collectively.

Processes can always be improved and streamlined. This is a focus for every good leader, but it is not a magic bullet as I'm sure you know.  Process mapping and redesign is expensive both in time and resource and it requires specific skillsets to be successful.  Depending on the "maturity" level of our process, we will have varying degrees of success from focusing on the process and that focus can never be in a vacuum.  I am a huge fan of lean process, agile, waterfall SDLC, and a myriad of other delivery models including ADKAR as a change management methodology. That said, process is just a piece of the puzzle and must be skillfully managed and applied as the "power tool" it is.  Used in the wrong place, it can be destructive... but used by a master builder with an creative design, it can be the simplistic and integrated core of a new home, school, or office building... rising out of the ashes of a previously failing institution like a pheonix.  

The third, and perhaps the most important part of my approach is to manage Perspectives.  Too often, we all entrench in our ideas and history.  We neglect to listen, to see, to experiment, and finally to be ruthless in seeking efficiency once we have defined the requirements and plan.

Delivering results is extremely difficult and contentious.  As a performing artist, I've often said that behind every great performance, there is a passionate dictator somewhere.. Sometimes, the conductor, sometimes the performer, sometimes the manager.. but somewhere for sure.

Consensus and diversity of thought are key to discernment and strategy, but where operations are concerned, the job calls for efficiency and actions.  People need to know their roles, and they need to get the job done... together, as a team yes.. but the product must ship.  From software, to widgets, to education, to the opening night of the opera.. When the curtain goes up,  the time is NOW.

You can and will deliver value and stability through proactive planning, communications and shared accountability. Its a process, and it works.


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