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Passion rail

Passion: The word itself evokes power, emotion, and a sense of pride.

It is the critical linchpin which binds leadership, inspiration, and ideas to actions which make a difference.   It is the secret sauce which can not be taught, but can be found in every divinely inspired, beloved one of us. It connects us, and yet, it is most often the dividing force within our community.

"He/She is too loud, too confident, too proud... just plain ol' wrong, and I can't take it."

When passion rears its head, its power becomes known. It cannot be stifled, hidden or muted. Sustained with discipline,  power is applied through a transmission of people to drive change, innovation, and progress.

The world fears change...thus we have learned to hide our passion within the walls of our heads, homes and indeed even our hearts.  Touching the "passion rail" scares those who do the touching and those who are then touched.

My world is filled with fear, but my heart is filled with f…


The intersection of people is where we as a society need to grow.  The growth of an individual is directly proportional to his/her ability to work with and share that knowledge through relationships.

Relationships and "intersections" require contexts.

Music "making"Music "listening"ReligionFamily/ChildrenWork/JobNeighborhoodSchools/EducationLife mechanics: banks, post offices, stores...

The number of relationships in each area fluctuates over time, and our individual and collective "journeys" but we must take care to remember that each intersection is precious. We can so easily be lured into thinking that more connections is more valuable.. In fact, we are not computers, or telephones, so the reality is that more "quality" connections are important.  We need the kind of connections where we actually know one another, care, and are willing to sacrifice for one another.  Love is manifest in how we interact with others.

GEEK SPEAK referen…

"Leadership is overglorified" courage, heart and followers are critical...

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