References and Recommendations for Jeff Prillaman

“Jeff's passion for using technology for process improvement is amazing. His matured transformation experience in various fields like HR, IT, and FOW & VoIP are his true professional assets. Being in added active roles of vendor management and HR related topics, he brings in excellent leadership qualities for any team that seeks positive energy for result oriented performance.” March 11, 2010
Manaw Modi, Strategic Technologies, Office of CTO, Capital One Financial Services
worked directly with Jeff at Capital One: Strategic Technology

“Jeff is a business leader at heart who has made his career in IT. His strengths are people management and delivering results. He has the unique ability to crossover between strategy and operations excellence. In a world seeking technology savvy business leaders, Jeff is a proven solution looking for interesting problems.” March 12, 2010
Joe DeFilippo , Strategic Technology Architect , Capital One
worked with Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff has been a very effective manager of the HR IT operations at Capital One. Members of my team have worked with him and have gained tremendous insights into how to effectively source and manage a complex HR enterprise environment. His energy, enthusiam and willingness to share make him a terrific colleague.” March 16, 2010
Len Rubin, VP, Pfizer
was with another company when working with Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff has a unique blend of strategic insight and tactical focus. His people-centric approach incents his team and stakeholders to provide optimal performance. Jeff's people and project management skills, technical background, and situational awareness create outcomes that optimize cost, client experience, schedule, and quality delivering maximum value.” August 15, 2007
George Gosieski, MCR, CSM, GHG-IQ , Director, Workplace Strategies , Capital One
worked with Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff is a creative thinker in the HR and IT space. He's understands how to use the latest technologies to "get the work done" as well as improve innovation, collaboration and productivity. Jeff also knows change management and how to link process to people's needs as we continually try and do more with less, yet keep focused on business growth.” March 8, 2010
Brian Hackett, Director, The Learning Forum
worked directly with Jeff at Capital One

“While at Capital One, I worked with Jeff for more than three years and found him to be an extremely capable manager. Jeff has three excellent traits: 1. He is customer oriented and works very hard to deliver high quality product on time and on budget, carefully managing away obstacles. 2. He works very well with complicated vendor relationships. 3. He demands quality work and is great at assembling the resources necessary to produce results. I would be happy to work with Jeff again in the future.” August 15, 2007
Dana Isaacoff , Business Information Officer , Capital One
managed Jeff indirectly at Capital One 

“Jeff's periodic, intensive, and often personal dialogues with three of my PhD students (in information systems at Virginia Commonwealth University) have fundamentally changed how they see people, organization, and information, as well as deepened their ways of being not just a researcher, but also a whole person. I credit Jeff for this. I give Jeff my full endorsement.” May 20, 2005
Allen Lee, Associate Dean, School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University
was with another company when working with Jeff at Capital One.

“Jeff has a clear and agreeble management style. His expectations for the team are high. He delegates well and grants authority as well as responsiblity. Teams of self motivated people with high standards of conduct and performance will excel. People who perform at lesser levels will be coached in a positive way, and will rise to the occasion or be moved into other roles.” May 20, 2005
David Foreman , Lead Network Planner , Capital One Financial
worked with Jeff at Capital One 

“Jeff was among the more dynamic and open-minded IT professionals that I have had the privilege to have worked with. During the course of a research project involving Jeff, his ideas and input provided a rich source of data that any researcher appreciates. As a practitioner, Jeff clearly sees the value of research and the connection that research has to his own work; these are rare qualities. I look forward to a day where I might work with Jeff again.” September 29, 2009
Jeffry Babb , Instructor , Virginia Commonwealth University
was with another company when working with Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff is a consummate strategist. He understands the use of technology to further business interests and I've found his analysis / recommendations to be spot on. He also has the rare ability to speak either in technical terms and business terms with equal ease. I learned a lot from Jeff and would enjoy working with him on any project at any time.” March 22, 2007
Jon Parsons , Enterprise Architect , Capital One
worked with Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff Prillaman is an excellent at managing complex and critical projects. Jeff can also step away from the details and develop far reaching strategic plans. My first interaction with Jeff was when he shared a strategic plan for leveraging technology to further the productivity of Capital One employees. I've also worked closely with Jeff on a project to implement a productivity saving tool. Jeff is exceptional at breaking down barriers and IT process constraints to deliver his customers' requirements and to provide Capital One employees with technology that works and is user friendly. While Jeff definitely has deep technical skills, he is quite effective in working through others, whether he directly or indirectly manages them. He can negotiate well, getting the results he needs without making the other party feel as if they've given too much away. I have great respect for Jeff and am happy to be working with him again closely on a new project. Catherine Murphy” October 7, 2007
Catherine Murphy , HR Manager , Capital One
worked with Jeff at Capital One

“A+++++++++++++ I have worked with Jeff for over three years now. He emotes confidence. He leads and performs effectively in the IT space (although would succeed elsewhere, i am sure). He truly cares about his customers and businesss partners. He efficiently manages resource 3rd relationships at an executive level. He thinks strategically and puts plans into action. As a manager, he is fair and consistent in his approach with his reports. He suggests modifications through training and encourages the climate of participation thoughout his department.” October 2, 2007
Stan Rembisz , Program Manager , Capital One
reported to Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff is a very outgoing, detail oriented manager. He is good at reviewing the situation and quickly picking out any possible concerns / issues - then negotiating solution proposals. He has much experience, a good skill set, and an attitude of "Let's do what is right and get it done" - all of which he uses to motivate and guide people to solutions. I enjoy working with Jeff mostly because he never has any hidden agenda and always is 100% up-front and honest with people he works with.” August 21, 2007
Steve O'Kusky , Senior Manager, IT Production Support , Capital One Financial Services Inc.
worked with Jeff at Capital One

“Jeff is a dynamic, passionate, leader with excellent management skills. He understands how to finesse the political machines to get the job done, without jeopardizing process and corporate culture. Jeff is a corporate player who effortlessly cuts through the noise to understand complex business requirements.”  August 10, 2007
Andy Shotwell , Solutions Engineer (IT Project Manager) , Capital One
worked with Jeff at Capital One


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