Interview Question: What is your story?

I had several interviews this week both in person and via telephone. I admit that the most intriguing, likely intentionally ambiguous, question was this one: "So, what is your story?" Innocuous, seemingly simple, but definitely not easy to answer.

My story is indeed very different from the norm. I think... I posted this idea on Facebook and received several witty and spot on comments. Friends are like that, they know things about you and can articulate them so much easier than you can.
Forrest: "Did you tell them you were a choose your own adventure :)"
My response: "Guess that would be better than a paint by numbers coloring book. :-). Maybe I should tell them I'm an iPad running a kindle app. Wonder if the world is ready for a metaphor of such depth."
Dee: "I don't think you should tell them that.... Your story is clearly "The Princess Bride" ... Mysterious man, alone at first, shows prodigious talent and ability to avoid deadly obstacles, converts enemies to friends through the forceful application of intellect, persuasion, faith, and principled logic (with swords and rocks thrown in, when necessary and appropriate). 
In seeking your goal, you assemble a dynamic team, allowing you to survive pirates, a torture machine in the pit of despair, a fireswamp, and rodents of unusual size, culminating in victory for your organization, freedom for the princess, and, of course, true love. I want this to be my story too."
My response: "I love you man... In a very manly way of course.. Failure is "inconceivable"

It occurs to me that this last line is a big part of my story.  I have always approached the world as though failure is indeed inconceivable. Could that be my story, my secret sauce? I actually believe that each of us is endowed with a unique spark and that we can indeed succeed in just about anything if we are willing to pay the price and put in the time. Maybe it is arrogance, I prefer to call it confidence and trust in a power greater than me.

Perhaps, that is the real story here. What is important to me is my family, my friends, and my community.  My job is a means by which I am able to participate in and experience the important things in life. The job isn't the life, but it is an important tool and enabler as well as a channel for building relationships, influencing the world around us, and receiving compensation for our contributions.  I have had many jobs in this life so far, and I'm likely to have many more..The lines just aren't so clear between life and job.  My sense is that we are wired that way intentionally.

From student, to performer, to husband, to teacher, to minister, to father, to technology guru, to manager, to leader, to conductor,  to artist, to writer, to friend, and finally to disciple... I have a lot of stories to tell and they all overlap into a huge, swirling cloud of jeff(lovingly branded "Big Daddy").

I hope to have many opportunities to share both my hope for a future along with the knowledge of the past. It is like this for all of us as we go through each day.  Every day is an opportunity.. to write another page, learn something new, and contribute to the world via relationships.

My story is that I know I can make a difference and maybe even "live happily ever after"...


David Dickinson said…
Today my story is to mow the lawn, play with the kids, help others achieve their dreams, and achieve ours. Then repeat as often as possible.

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