Enough Already...

I've had just about enough of the snow this year, haven't you?

I wonder what I would have said about that only a few months ago. Probably something more along the lines of.. Oh yeah.. I'd love to see us get some snow like I used to see when I lived in NY and NJ. As I watched the school districts cancel and all sorts of normal organizations spiral into a psychosis, I gained a new appreciation for the process discipline and operational readiness work that we undertake in IT so regularly.
Every time we run disaster recovery exercises, or risk and compliance reviews, I find myself complaining about them by the end. The truth is.. that they are not a lot of fun, but the are necessary, just so we can handle storms like the recent snowmageddon and snowpocalypse..

My challenge to anyone reading this is: Take the opportunity and the stresses laid out in front of you, and find a way to rise above it. Seek perspective and take ownership of plans to change and get better. It is too easy to forget how much power we all actually have to effect not only our own moods.. but the moods of others. Tell yourself.. "Enough already".


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