Dream Job

"The future is a place that is created first in the mind and will, next in activity. It is a place we are creating: its paths not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination." John Schaar

It is a lot easier to make this list than I thought it would be..
  1. Opportunity to learn continually.
  2. Opportunity to contribute significantly.
  3. Opportunity to influence and lead a diverse group of leaders.
  4. Opportunity to change the world. One email, one customer, one meeting at a time. 
  5. Bridging the gap between business, technology, and music.
  6. Opportunity to earn my rewards and accept my failures honestly.
  7. Limited travel demand to allow for my continued committment to family, ministry, and community.
Not sure where to find all of these things these days.. It is likely not possible but you never know. I began this line of thinking back in the Summer with a previous post "Waves, incoming".  Today, my ideas lead here. Who knows where tomorrow might lead?
  • Software development...Business development...
  • Higher Education, Music business schools.
  • Senior Leadership in small to mid sized corporation
  • Writer, Teacher, Coach, Speaker...
About me:
I am seeking an executive position within a leadership team which values entrepreneurial spirit and technology enabled business models.

I am an innovative thought leader who identifies and delivers globally recognized, award winning results via strategic project and portfolio investment, technology, and carefully orchestrated organizational change management. I rely on a relentless customer focus, bridging the gap be-tween architecture, artistry, and results oriented actions. People focus, process excellence, and diversity of perspective are my leadership key performance indicators.


People Focus

  • Intrinsic motivation 2.0  (Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose)
  • Coaching, Talent man-agement, Succession planning 
  • Outsourcing and strate-gic supplier manage-ment

Process Excellence
  • Project and Portfolio Management using both Agile and Waterfall de-livery.
  • Service oriented busi-ness domain architec-ture 
  • Organizational change management (ADKAR)
Diversity of Perspective
  • IT and organizational strategy development, socialization, and im-plementation
  • Proactive risk based scenario delivery models
  • Technology as a toolset for delivering business results, customer en-gagement, and associ-ate development. 
  • ERP Human resources management systems (Peoplesoft HRMS)
  • Social networking sys-tems: (Por-tals/Collaboration/Wikis) – BEA Weblogic portal, Atlassian Confluence, 
  • VoIP, Telephony, Video on Demand, Video Conferencing

Learn more about Jeff here: http://web.me.com/jeffp


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