Different : Think, Be, Act

Each of us is unique and special in this world. The strength to water the seed of our differences is a critical point in our development and success. 

Companies, churches, schools, and families don't need automatons of the collective. They need individuals who can bring their special skills to a shared common purpose and achieve!

The seed of difference, planted and watered grows into a mighty tree, filled with diversity and strength.  Its flaws are evident as some branches are broken off, the bark is scarred and it isn't perfectly straight... but its majesty is unquestioned. It bends and flows in the forest and maintains a place and perspective on the world rooted in its uniqueness

Think differently.. yes..
Be different... don't be afraid
ACT: make a difference in your world. 

TED Video on Nurturing your Creativity


Kavbar said…
Wise and god advice. It's important for us to keep our minds and spirits active and connected with these truths. Thanks, Jeff.
D. Toole said…
Yes, excellent advice, even godly. Each of us teach - sometimes to our own chagrin when we are not at our best - and each of us learn as we look to others in the journey of life. We are part of a world where each of us is important to the rest. The secret is opening our minds. I constantly struggle with my own prejudices, but I must believe I'm making progress...

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