Change is inconvenient but filled with opportunity

I've spent a lot of time in my life making fun of soap operas, and these days I have turned my attention largely to reality shows and politics.  The funny thing is that they all have some important themes in common.
Nothing ever really gets resolved.
Reality is actually all about perception.
Change is a constant to create "tension"

Life is like this too.  I'm reading Seth Godin's Excellent book "Linchpin" right now and trying to figure out what about me makes me indispensable to the world, to my family, to my employer.. Good questions and lots of different perspectives. There is the key.

Maintaining your perspective as you navigate the waters of constant change positions you to embrace opportunity rather than crash against the rocks of uncertainty.  Great leaders exist to make others great. Leadership at it's core must be rooted in sacrifice not career aspirations or personal success. 

We can't win, or "arrive" until we have master the fact that succeeding in life means "surfing" on a wave of constant challenges and changes but remembering to feel alive as we do it.
There will always be another wave and each one is unique... of that you can be sure... Having a perspective and a posture designed to react and capitalize on each unique opportunity is a big deal.

my apologies to the surfers in the world.. but that is the image which popped up in my mind, so I just "went with it". 

Powerful thing to remember is that God has plans to prosper us, not harm us.. plans for hope and for a future..   Jeremiah 29:11


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