Are you in charge of your own development?

Whose advice is sought most often on any particular topic?
Who responds most promptly to requests from peers?
Whose responses are judged most helpful?
Who is most likely to reach across organizational boundaries to aid a colleague?
Whose opinions are most valued, internally and externally?
Who gets the most kudos from customers?
Who’s the most densely connected to other employees?
Who’s generating the most buzz outside the company?
Who consistently demonstrates real thought leadership?
Who seems truly critical to key decisions?

Jeff's thoughts: as you think about your development plans for the year...Translation to actionable items:
  • Are you out their offering advice, and making sure your knowledge is utilized for decision analysis by your management?
  • Do you respond equally to your peers as you do to your superiors?
  • Do your contributions "make a difference in outcomes" and how do you know?
  • What business are you in?.. Do you recognize dependencies and reach across LOB and organizational lines to help?
  • Does your management rely on your, why, and when?
  • Do your "customers" kudo your performances when you go "above and beyond" and how is that different from kudos for base job performance?
  • How "connected" are you to your colleagues? Do you even know? Do your colleagues know?
  • Are you staying "current" with industry trends, trade rags, and disruptive forces entering your "zone of influence"?
  • Are you thinking enough? Versus just doing? And how are you documenting and presenting those "thoughts"?
  • Do you know who the people are that you need to influence for action? Who are the critical decision relationships vs the nice to haves? And what differentiates them?


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