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Internet Savvy

Internet Savvy is a tough thing to evaluate. We have 4 beautiful children at our home ranging from 13 to 5 and I make my living in the technology field. I know what can happen to uncontrolled, unmonitored systems of interaction when they are exposed to the "general public". We have adopted a "full life" approach to securing our children while allowing them to benefit from the rich blessings of technology and internet communications/information.  We don't allow "private" internet access. All computers are in the kitchen in full view of everyone else. We have basic common sense controls, like a multiple router setup, but in general my kids have access to the full internet. We don't use filters, or highly automated monitoring tools. Instead, we teach our kids about making good choices and we stay connected to them so we know them. We trust them, and they trust us, but we verify with regular communications and check-ins around internet behaviors.
I t…