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Church is not about assets.

TWEET from @vatenor: Church should move beyond buildings, budget, and bylaws. We need a new paradigm for church "assets", including staff.
THOUGHTS THAT FOLLOWED:Community building and community service is critically important, even as a larger church body... but the church must not look at just sharing its buildings as directly missional. The church body must engage with partners and not be afraid to source institutional services,  then utilize those "shared" organizations and opportunities to demonstrate missional actions and behaviors. It must seize opportunities to be missional not replace missional actions with administrative functions of institutional governance. EVERY church should have a corp of home missionaries whose specific task is to engage with local business partners, and particularly community organizations sharing facilities. The "mission" for that corps should be to build relationships, assist generously, and strive to …

HISS: Head In Sand Syndrome

I have a 4 children 12 and under so I am finely attuned to the pace of change in my world. Every day brings with it an opportunity, and yesterday as I was leaving for work, my 5 year old, youngest.. said

"have a good day Daddy, and try not to break anything"

That caused me to start thinking a bit about what I do to "not break" things and how I set a balance to ensure that I am safely planning for the future. My recent indepth study of SaaS and cloud computing models has introduced me to the idea of "speed of thought" execution coupled with "rate of obsolescence" for my decision analysis.

I am now constantly thinking about my delivery speed both as a technologist as well as a musician. I want to create and embrace culture and opportunity with its energy and excitement. I have hope for the future, but vigilance is required to avoid breaking things unnecessarily.

Perhaps, the bigger risk for all of us, is to try too hard to maintain the statu…

Alarmi, Alarmi, Are there artists among us?

"Whether they explicitly acknowledge themselves as leaders or not, artists often move others to follow them — into neighborhoods, into a new a social movement, or even just a dialogue. They do it through the skills that are inherent in their work as professional "inspirers" and provocateurs." @JohnMaeda & Becky Bermont

As an artist and performer who continues to perform and who has also been working in the corporate world for over 15 years now, I often struggle with making the switch between my performing persona and my leadership presence in the conference room.  I read an article this morning by esteemed thinker John Maeda and it resonated strongly.

Why business leaders should act more like artists.

Mr Maeda makes three key "aha" points which I strongly agree with. but the last is the most profound for me.
Artists constantly collaborate.Artists are talented communicators.Artists learn how to learn together.In this age of constant change, I be…