Tenor to get a Händel on Bruton Parish

You are invited!  Organist Charles Lindsey and Tenor Jeff Prillaman of Da Capo Va will be presenting a concert of historic music in a beautiful historic space on Saturday Evening 8pm,  Sept 26, 2009.

The Candlelight concert series is a favorite of tourists and locals alike.
 Don't miss your opportunity to Kick off Fall in VA in fine fashion.

Bruton Parish, Candlelight Concerts

Parking is permitted on Duke of Gloucester in front of the church on Sundays and for weddings, funerals, concerts, the Wednesday Eucharist and Healing Service, and other special occasions. We ask that the parking spaces close to the front or side of the Church be saved for those who are handicapped or those who have difficulty with walking a distance.


Jeffrey Prillaman, Tenor
Charles Lindsey, Jr., Organ

 All Music is by George Frederick Handel (1685–1759) except Pietà Signore, which is by Alessandro Stradella (1639–82).  The Trumpet Tune on Siröe is an arrangement by Charles Lindsey of a melody of Handel’s.  The Aria in F is arranged from Handel and played in the style of Virgil Fox.

Recitative and Air from the Oratorio Judas Maccabaeus
Thanks to My Brethren!
How Vain Is Man

Pietà Signore                                           

Trumpet Tune on Siröe                       
Aria in F                                                         

Where’er You Walk (from the Opera Semele)

Recitative and Air from the Opera Serse
Frondi tenere 
Ombra mai fù 

All Selections from the Oratorio Messiah

Recitative:  Comfort Ye My People
Air:  Every Valley Shall Be Exalted

ORGAN SOLO:  Pastoral Symphony

Recitative:  Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart
Air:  Behold, and See if There Be Any Sorrow
Recitative:  He Was Cut Off from the Land of the Living
Air:  But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul in Hell

Recitative:  He That Dwelleth in Heaven
Air:  Thou Shalt Break Them


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