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Illusion of inclusion, choose me...

How exactly does that illusive doctrine of "Free Will" play out in your life these days.

For months we have talked, and talked about why people in contemporary modern US culture actually choose to come to church. So many times we come to church in order to be fed and because we want children to have a good spiritual foundation(more feeding). We come to listen to the preacher, maybe sing in the choir, maybe even just to have coffee and donuts with our friends in that new contemporary/casual service or in the hall before Sunday School. We want to learn more, to "understand" the world around us. We attend with the core intention of receiving, maybe even shopping for services, friends, facilities, and yes, the dreaded word: activities.

As I awoke this morning, these thoughts were racing through my mind. Does my church remember that I have free will and should it even matter? The last 10 days have included 4 pretty serious books. The Shack, Life Together, and New…

Unity requires a circle of relationship, not a chain of command

Circles of relationship trump chains of command.

I continue to struggle with a view of God that isn't bound by omnipotent authoritarian command. As I repeatedly sin by trying to be the "I AM" in my life, I do so relish the ability to control and know. Despite my love for others, I do want to be in command, and control. Despite the awful burden of leadership, and accountability for others' well being, I continue to seek out influence and power. This desire for power is at the core of me because I allow it to consume me rather than embracing full submission and God's desire for relationship with me.

As I embrace a deeper, and amazing view of relationship and unity, coupled with service and humility I am able to bring into focus a method for loving and being part of a community without giving up my individuality. I am unique and special, and indeed beloved of God. I choose to submit my uniqueness in order to survive in community.

The choice of self sacrifice to redeem …

Market driven church reboot?

Churches these days are hamstrung by many things. Among these are an innate sense to compare and compete with fellow churches for "nickels and noses". The question for me is how and why and I am resolved that I may never get an answer.

In a "saturated" market where 99% of people have heard the message of the gospel, outreach becomes about competition via staff, programs, and even facilities. Yes, I said the word "market" to describe the population of my region of VA. Churches are forced to compete to survive and support/sustain those very things with which they compete. This is no different from any business. The only difference is that most churches are terribly inefficient at it.

What if a church suddenly went on a "Jubilee" and gave up everything. No more big choirs, big trips, building programs, staff members to "do" things, and started focusing on partnering to deliver needs.. reliant on congregation for actions, partnering orga…

Big Daddy Bash 2009... set for Aug 15