Only two Friday Forums left..

Please note: Due to my business travel and a late arrival Friday evening, there is no Friday forum this forum on 7/31/09.

Believe it or not the Summer is actually coming to an end.. With vacations and travel, there are only 2 Friday Forums left.. Aug 7 and Aug 14 will be the last ones currently planned. Tracee and I will be obligated or on vacation for the other weekends, the 21 and 28 and from there, all bets are off as Da Capo VA begins its Fall session and school starts..

The topics for the final two forums will become clearer as the dates get closer... but I suspect that we will continue our discussions on
  • rights vs privileges (right to life, choice)
  • Better/Universal healthcare and how to make it happen, reality, not dreaming.
  • crime and punishment(death penalty and prisons)
  • work in some discussion on the ever important "green" both the money, and the environment..

As usual, religion will play into this along government, history, and some basic economics..All views are welcome and encouraged. I hope you will consider making it for one of our final nights..

Big Daddy Bash NewsFlash: look out for invites to our annual Big Daddy Bash.. set for 8/15/09.. at the Prillaman home.. Jeff may only be 39, but we will party like it is 1999.. ;-)


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