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Only two Friday Forums left..

Please note: Due to my business travel and a late arrival Friday evening, there is no Friday forum this forum on 7/31/09.

Believe it or not the Summer is actually coming to an end.. With vacations and travel, there are only 2 Friday Forums left.. Aug 7 and Aug 14 will be the last ones currently planned. Tracee and I will be obligated or on vacation for the other weekends, the 21 and 28 and from there, all bets are off as Da Capo VA begins its Fall session and school starts..

The topics for the final two forums will become clearer as the dates get closer... but I suspect that we will continue our discussions on
rights vs privileges (right to life, choice)Better/Universal healthcare and how to make it happen, reality, not dreaming.crime and punishment(death penalty and prisons)work in some discussion on the ever important "green" both the money, and the environment..
As usual, religion will play into this along government, history, and some basic economics..All view…

Forum Failure?

I hereby declare the ongoing Friday night forums both a success and a failure. So far this Summer, we have talked in depth about just about everything except abortion and the death penalty.. Don't worry everyone, I'm sure we can "get there" eventually, if we choose to. Last night was exciting and engaging, with many people talking.

We shared emotions, engaged in rational debate and once in awhile we even used humor. In short, once again, we had a blast beginning with the food and ending after 11pm when the last few folks left. I was actually proud that rather than stop our discussions and race home(or stop and turn on the TV right in front of us) to watch John Stossels segment on healthcare at 10pm, we instead chose to keep talking and learning about one another.

Since one of our central themes emerged around Entertainment as Idolatry and our cultures' dependence and addiction to a constant stream of entertainment of all kinds, this was appropriate. We stayed …

In a VBS, kids retain and remember what?

I have a new pet peeve. VBS at churches which don't teach children the true meaning of stewardship or giving or anything of the sort. We have devolved these "immersion" education experiences into competitions to see who can give the most money or whose family will buy the most things at a market or the such. By embracing secular "giving competitions" we have created a scenario which puts giving to the church on the same plane with college fraternity fundraisers or public school PTA games which dunk the teacher whose class gives the most. Is this what we want our children to learn about giving to the church and missions. As for me and my house, that is not the game and I am taking responsibility to teach my children why this is wrong. I wish I didn't have to use a church's ministry as an example of what NOT to do.

This AM, I actually had a conflict with a daughter who was concerned that money given to the boys wasn't as much as what was given to t…

Facebook Patronus, surprisingly thats a T

I have been watching with limited interest as the latest trend of Facebook quizzes makes its rounds. Yesterday, I finally took my first one: What is your Patronus? Something about the connection to the Harry Potter book series coupled with my interest in why so many people are interested in these things.. inspired me to give it a try. Few minutes, and the results were in.. I am a "wolf". Not sure exactly what that means, but the description was dead on.

"You work best in a close support group and are fiercely loyal to those you love. You are unbeatable in a group and incredibly strong even alone due to your cunning at getting the job done. You are often the sort of person who has strong faith and compassion. You’re an excellent communicator and very intelligent."

I know, I know.. it is telling me what I want to hear.. but those of you who really do know me.. that is pretty dead on ringer for a description of the "Big Daddy"... even the use of the …