Universal Healthcare Debate Model- IT job opportunity!

What we all need for the healthcare debate is an analysis tool built on use case examples versus system cost. Lets pick say 20 typical American profiles and build an analysis model to showcase the costs and impact to the "average american". I think it would be interesting to see the use cases identified against the standard "polling demographic groups" to allow us to cross reference the cost benefits by the "voting public".. Ultimately, that is what will be necessary to get us all to give up something for the "greater good"..

Next.. we need a basic cost plotting where we view the systemic cost projections versus the "pay go" savings provisions. These system costs/benefits need to be plotted for projections and assumptions in the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year and 20 year timelines.. Is this a lot of work? Yes? but the gov't can do it.. Lets see them just build a website to show the American public how all of the different proposals stack up.. honestly, transparently, with avenues for commentary built in right in..

We ALL want to see more people with better healthcare. Lets just do it transparently an with data right out front in way that the general population can understand it. Job opportunity for someone who wants a website that will get millions of hits and traction for advertising and beyond..


Scott said…
They will not do it because it would make the health 'care' industry corporations angry.

The U.S. should join the rest the of the world with single payer, universal health care (and tachnology certainly has a role in doing that).

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