Sacrifice for who, by whom?

How often have I sacrificed, I mean really sacrificed for someone else? not often enough that is sure...

Charles and I explored this piece together this weekend in a free form improvisation of a favorite hymn tune. As I entered the first verse, my thoughts were about my own inadequacy and unworthiness, finishing the last verse with a sense of awe at the love of my heavenly Father. IN the period of a few short minutes, my entire persona was transformed. I can't speak to how that is translated through the music to your ears, but it gave me goosebumps. Dr Falby taught us at LSMF, of the importance of recognizing the goosebumps, and that maybe, just maybe they arise out of an innate sense of our God's love and power over us. I am a singer and I always have been I guess. Sometimes I sing praise to God through song, other times through my physical actions. I pray that my songs honor him appropriately. I pray further that I would continue to see each day as an opportunity.

We as Christians and as Americans are blessed with much in these trying times. Perhaps, just perhaps, we should focus on finding ways to sacrifice what we have for others. The blessing and abundance would be returned to us a hundred fold... I believe, I know this to be true. I am a witness to the generosity of my Father who has taken care of me, and sacrificed himself for me.


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