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The Prillaman family went to see Star Trek tonight as a group. Yes, I know the rating. Don't worry, Clara fell asleep, as expected, about 10 mins into the story. A few weeks ago, I saw it and made some comments about its lack of redeeming qualities, yet I LOVED it and thought it was pure entertainment. This movie follows all of my rules for a Summer action hit. Good guys, bad guys, little romance mixed with some skin, lots of space battles, lasers and torpedoes along with a "red matter" super weapon drawn from the future because of a catastrophic mistake. Mix in the historic relevance of the now classic Star Trek characters as young men and it is a two hour ride of non-stop fun.

After my second viewing, one relevant theme jumped out at me. Rules are not always right, and institutional compliance is not the path to recognition. As a matter of history, the rebels most often have made the difference in realms of real change. Despite all of our enlightenment and reasoning, we never have quite put together a system which seems capable of rewarding only following the rules.

I strive to pattern my life after a rebel of sorts, yet as I grow older these days, I have learned the power of respecting those who have gone before me and faced similar trials. I am blessed with an innate confidence in my abilities, but I temper that with understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in my life. Many have gone before me and enabled me. I love them, and I learn from them, but I am never afraid to step out on a bold course and seek out new ideas and living, despite the risks.

Life is not a series of reruns nor is it a crisp linear equation of actions and consequences leading to success and failure. It is a mix of relationships, battles, women and children, friends, challenges, and orders/purpose. I, like Kirk, don't believe in the no win scenario because I live in a world of blessing provided by a loving God. I may not win every fight, but at the end of the day I can face my Kobyashi Maru scenario without fear, because God is my refuge and strength. This knowledge frees me and makes everything relevant and even helps me to deal with my inner rebel.


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