Information & Influence Infiltration - FUN? Forum 061209

Last night's forum topics ranged far and wide but centered on influence and the many many channels by which it is delivered or allowed to "infiltrate" our lives. Full disclosure is required here in that the words following are "spun" and presented in a Jeff world view.

The discussion and emotions were rich and deep, and as I try to summarize I freely admit that my view and memory is limited. Hopefully, comments and additions will be added here by the other attendees.

We talked a lot about movies, and media and the choices that ensue in our daily lives. Is our work ethic as a society being impacted by the media and technology and the ensuing "culture of entitlement" presented by the "happily ever after/everything will be alright" mentality of movies?

Our canon of movies ranged far and wide, from Sophie's choice, to Failsafe, to Bedtime Stories, to 12 Angry Men. Titanic came up and we acknowledged that stories mixed with historical events are powerfully compelling, even though the central event of the story is often "missed" because ultimately we focus on the humans, relationships and the human interests/issues in events.

Questions & Thoughs arose as they always do: (some that I can remember today follow)
  • When the media reports "national" issues is it really relevant to our life?
  • Does a focus on ideological/national issues distract us from focusing on the community and relationships most directly around us?
  • Is the influence of the media greater now than in the past?
  • How does the rate of technological change and adoption affect our daily lives?
  • The intersection of movies, media and journalism with entertainment is "dangerous" because the influence of opinions is injected with subtlety.
I am most proud of the opportunity to talk and think with friends in a safe "inclusive" environment where diversity and opinion are valued.


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