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Sacrifice for who, by whom?

How often have I sacrificed, I mean really sacrificed for someone else? not often enough that is sure...

Charles and I explored this piece together this weekend in a free form improvisation of a favorite hymn tune. As I entered the first verse, my thoughts were about my own inadequacy and unworthiness, finishing the last verse with a sense of awe at the love of my heavenly Father. IN the period of a few short minutes, my entire persona was transformed. I can't speak to how that is translated through the music to your ears, but it gave me goosebumps. Dr Falby taught us at LSMF, of the importance of recognizing the goosebumps, and that maybe, just maybe they arise out of an innate sense of our God's love and power over us. I am a singer and I always have been I guess. Sometimes I sing praise to God through song, other times through my physical actions. I pray that my songs honor him appropriately. I pray further that I would continue to see each day as an opportunity.

We as…

Embrace your freedom!

As we enter the 4th of July weekend, I would encourage everyone to think carefully about the words and message of this wonderful song.

We are a nation of freedoms, earned by the sacrifices of so many before us. We should not go quietly into the night making the mistakes of so many other cultures and civilizations before us. Take responsibility for yourselves and your actions at every level. Do not allow the government to take your freedom from you.

Be the change you seek! Join your fellow citizens and make a difference with your talents and skills, whatever they are. Love your neighbors, embrace diversity of thought, and continually seek inclusion and wisdom. Be elite, never elitist in your thoughts and actions.

God has always been on Twitter

As I taught this morning in Open Door, we went through a lot of ideas about talking, listening and when/how we should do any of it. With Twitter in the news so much due to the Iran crisis and its capabilities to flaunt gov't censorship, I could help making one important distinction.

I was teaching my class that we are indeed bombarded with "information energy" in today's world and that it is critically important to demonstrate a discipline of availability to God. I began to use the twitter cloud of an example of how we can at any moment, tune in, and see what thousands, maybe even millions are talking about in a linear stream. The problem here is that so much of it is useless information.

For me, the value comes from seeing patterns and the occasional diamond in the rough. Here is the question: When I spend so much energy listening to what other people say, whether in tweets, 24 hours news cycles, television, radio... Do I have the discipline to listen for God spea…

Universal Healthcare Debate Model- IT job opportunity!

What we all need for the healthcare debate is an analysis tool built on use case examples versus system cost. Lets pick say 20 typical American profiles and build an analysis model to showcase the costs and impact to the "average american". I think it would be interesting to see the use cases identified against the standard "polling demographic groups" to allow us to cross reference the cost benefits by the "voting public".. Ultimately, that is what will be necessary to get us all to give up something for the "greater good"..

Next.. we need a basic cost plotting where we view the systemic cost projections versus the "pay go" savings provisions. These system costs/benefits need to be plotted for projections and assumptions in the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year and 20 year timelines.. Is this a lot of work? Yes? but the gov't can do it.. Lets see them just build a website to show the American public how all of the different propo…

Ratings, Rules, Rebel, Recognition, Rewards, Reruns, Relevance

The Prillaman family went to see Star Trek tonight as a group. Yes, I know the rating. Don't worry, Clara fell asleep, as expected, about 10 mins into the story. A few weeks ago, I saw it and made some comments about its lack of redeeming qualities, yet I LOVED it and thought it was pure entertainment. This movie follows all of my rules for a Summer action hit. Good guys, bad guys, little romance mixed with some skin, lots of space battles, lasers and torpedoes along with a "red matter" super weapon drawn from the future because of a catastrophic mistake. Mix in the historic relevance of the now classic Star Trek characters as young men and it is a two hour ride of non-stop fun.

After my second viewing, one relevant theme jumped out at me. Rules are not always right, and institutional compliance is not the path to recognition. As a matter of history, the rebels most often have made the difference in realms of real change. Despite all of our enlightenment and reasoni…

Information & Influence Infiltration - FUN? Forum 061209

Last night's forum topics ranged far and wide but centered on influence and the many many channels by which it is delivered or allowed to "infiltrate" our lives. Full disclosure is required here in that the words following are "spun" and presented in a Jeff world view.

The discussion and emotions were rich and deep, and as I try to summarize I freely admit that my view and memory is limited. Hopefully, comments and additions will be added here by the other attendees.

We talked a lot about movies, and media and the choices that ensue in our daily lives. Is our work ethic as a society being impacted by the media and technology and the ensuing "culture of entitlement" presented by the "happily ever after/everything will be alright" mentality of movies?

Our canon of movies ranged far and wide, from Sophie's choice, to Failsafe, to Bedtime Stories, to 12 Angry Men. Titanic came up and we acknowledged that stories mixed with historical even…