What is the problem? Friday Forum 053009

The results of the first Friday nt Forum are in:

Food: Chicken, Pizza, Pasta, Fruit, Chocolate cakes, YUMMMM

Friends: were plenty and the fellowship was fun.. I don't know exactly how many kids were upstairs but it was a bunch.. 15-16?? this will be easier when everything outside isn't wet from the rain. It was also exciting to be able to bring people together who don't know each other and use the food and forum to strengthen our relationships "in community".

FUN: we talked about just about everything under the sun except Gay Marriage and Abortion.. We'll have to leave those for another day..at least for now. The framework that I used for discussion was the 9 principles from 912project.com

FEW central ideas arose last night:
1. We need to be able to clearly articulate what our problems are and not just uniformly blame the "system"
2. Current republic is limited because we don't have a method to enforce term limits, nor do we have a method to actually get them put into law.
3. Jeff raised again and again that he was concerned about the out of control spending of the last decade and the lack of accountability for future implications. Ultimately, this could/will lead us into another WAR.

References/Idea and discussion starters Jeff used last night:

912 Project.com
The Daily Me - Nicholas D. Kristof
Conservatives and Liberals - Nicholas D. Kristof
Amazing Science Fiction "miracle has to come from us"


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