Friday Night Forum for Food and Fun

Friday Night Forums begin tonight.. If you are a friend or colleague, please thing about calling us and coming on out to spend some time. Tracee and I have decided to open our home on Friday nights during the Summer for a discussion forum of sorts. Who knows what might come out of this...

for 5/29: plan to discuss some guiding principles.. (maybe 912project driven), and think about what the right framework for productive discussions is...

2321 Olde Stone Road Midlothian, VA 23113

Starts tomorrow night: 5/29/09.. 6-9ish
FOOD: covered dish, so please bring enough to cover your crew.. we have plenty of paper plates, silverware, etc..
Please RSVP so we know you are coming.. via telephone or email..

You are cordially invited... to the Prillaman's home for an "openhouse" discussion forum of sorts for each Friday night thoughout the Summer.. We will be ready and willing and hopeful that you and your family can join us for some fun time to talk and fellowship in "community".. We will plan to eat "whatever there is" between 6 & 7 and then fellowship and discuss between 7& 9. Kids are welcome, plenty of places for them to play, read, watch a movie.. etc.. we will adapt on the fly and just have fun. If you have friends or neighbors who you think might enjoy the discussion, feel free to bring them with you..(just let us know they are coming) There is no standing agenda, other than "we just might talk about anything, from politics, to religion, to family to finance.. maybe even a little opera in there for good measure"

People this would be a good fit for.....
  • Would like to catch up with the Prillamans before this years Big Daddy Bash on Aug 22 (hint hint)
  • Think that someone else need to talk to/with Jeff to give Tracee & the kids a break.
  • Are you fed up with watching the news alone and not being able to actually "talk" about any of this stuff?
  • Do you think that musicians can make a difference in the world?
  • Do you wish you had more time to just talk with friends at work about something other than work?
  • Do you think that that last Sunday School lesson didn't quite get everything you wanted to talk about?
  • Do you remember a time when you were close to your friends, but not sure how to get back there?
  • Politics, Religion, Family and even Finances are topics you are a little afraid of...
  • Wonder what is happening in our world these days.
  • Think you have a plan to fix it all and want to talk about it.

Discussion topics for now, will be decided by who shows up, the food plan is "covered dish".. and the Fun is guaranteed.. (jeff said sooo ;-) We may decide on some "theme" nights if we get a large uptake. Who knows, if a bunch of musicians come, we may end up just singing for our supper..


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