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Slacker Rant & Generation L

this guy did a great job laying out what is such a simple concept.This is from

Future Forums

Friday Nt Forums in the Future:
on June 5: we will continue with the 912 principles& the Declaration of Independence
note: bring enough food for your family and guests.. we will eat "covered dish style" from 6-7 and then talk from 7-9.

Future topics for the forum are likely to include: the Church & the government, Influence of Arts on world, Obamanomics, The Great Depression, Raising kids in our entitlement society, Universal Healthcare, Gay Marriage and embracing diversity, Rich v. Poor in U.S.A. , Green future... Socialism, Fascism in Our time/town...

who knows we may even have some guest experts..

What is the problem? Friday Forum 053009

The results of the first Friday nt Forum are in:

Food: Chicken, Pizza, Pasta, Fruit, Chocolate cakes, YUMMMM

Friends: were plenty and the fellowship was fun.. I don't know exactly how many kids were upstairs but it was a bunch.. 15-16?? this will be easier when everything outside isn't wet from the rain. It was also exciting to be able to bring people together who don't know each other and use the food and forum to strengthen our relationships "in community".

FUN: we talked about just about everything under the sun except Gay Marriage and Abortion.. We'll have to leave those for another least for now. The framework that I used for discussion was the 9 principles from

FEW central ideas arose last night:
1. We need to be able to clearly articulate what our problems are and not just uniformly blame the "system"
2. Current republic is limited because we don't have a method to enforce term limits, nor do we have a method to a…

Facebook in reverse

I was just thinking.. In the last year or so, the only substantive debates I have actively carried on on topics from religion, to politics, to family to finances, have all taken place on Facebook. The forums we are hosting on Friday nights, are exactly the reverse of that.

We are coming together as friends, colleagues, and neighbors, to just "talk". What a concept. I plan to talk tonight about what are the principles that tend to unite us versus dividing us and just see where the discussion flows from there.. Should be fun.

Very 912project...and exciting!

Friday Night Forum for Food and Fun

Friday Night Forums begin tonight.. If you are a friend or colleague, please thing about calling us and coming on out to spend some time. Tracee and I have decided to open our home on Friday nights during the Summer for a discussion forum of sorts. Who knows what might come out of this...

for 5/29: plan to discuss some guiding principles.. (maybe 912project driven), and think about what the right framework for productive discussions is...

2321 Olde Stone Road Midlothian, VA 23113

Starts tomorrow night: 5/29/09.. 6-9ish
FOOD: covered dish, so please bring enough to cover your crew.. we have plenty of paper plates, silverware, etc..
Please RSVP so we know you are coming.. via telephone or email..

You are cordially invited... to the Prillaman's home for an "openhouse" discussion forum of sorts for each Friday night thoughout the Summer.. We will be ready and willing and hopeful that you and your family can join us for some fun time to talk and fellowship in "community&…

Jealousy is a dangerous spark

I haven't written in a while but I have been very busy. There is a lot going on with the Da Capo Institute and things are definitely crazy at my "day job" for a major financial.

I was thinking this morning about what keeps me from connecting with other people. I am a people person, but I often hear that with me it is either all in or all out.. People love me or they hate me. This can be difficult to handle even when I'm among the population who "loves" me. Soooo, I have begun some introspective analysis. What am I doing that influences, enhances, or hinders my relationships. I quickly moved past the big stuff. (e.g. personality, size, volume, passion) Those are the easy targets.

The hard stuff is underneath all that. What really makes me tick? I wonder what Sylar(from NBC's Heroes) would find inside my head. My strengths are likely to be huge weaknesses. I began to think about how I declare success as a performer or even a manager and again I …