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Holy Cow, the Holy Spirit smacked me today.

This article was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit today after a friend put me on the path to it with just a few comments. I thank the Lord that I was listening. As I read it, the feeling was akin to being hit in the gut.

It is time to remember who is calling me, stand up and act with power, humility and authority all wrapped in to one single package of simple service and action. We must trust in the Lord, maintaining our perspective, seeing the opportunities laid out before us, and then acting with our "full armor" on.

"The opposite of faith isn't doubt, IT IS FEAR." said Scott


Vulnerability of Victory (commentary on 1 Kings 19)
Following excerpted from article above by By: J. Hampton Keathley, III , Th.M..... Examples like Elijah in 1 Kings 19 stand as warnings or danger signals, not as excuses for failure. In the lessons that follow, we will look at the failures of Elijah and how the Lord lifted him up, put him back on his feet, an…

Perspective CARITAS

The world around us is swirling. I turn on the news and listen to a radio and it appears that things are spinning out of control. This onslaught of energy can very easily create a lens of frenetic reactionary thinking. This week I was privileged to participate in CARITAS (Churches Around Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter)and after spending the night with them Monday night followed by dinner each following evening, I was blessed with a fresh perspective. Most of these folks are headed out to jobs and live with uncertaintly every day. They have made a series of poor decisions which in aggregate pushed them past the tipping point into a crisis condition requiring help. I was proud to be able to help them and I have made some new friends in Sarah, Fontella, Margee, Tracy, and Jamie. It is doubtful, that I will see them again in the future after tonight, but they have left an indelible mark on my perspective. Each of us needs to maintain perspective in our families, job…

Value of promises

I watched Glenn Beck's show on unity, and belonging last night. Read more about the project here. I felt a lot of things including, admiration, trepidation, cynicism, and even down right worry. I believe that his intentions were to remind us, his viewers, of the importance of community and that we are indeed powerful if we choose to be.

He succeeded in many moments but not all... I was turned off at the showmanship of some of his selections. I believe that many if not most of the shed tears were real. I pray that his intentions go far beyond his show and its ratings.

The stories were powerful and the invocation of the memories of 9.11 was an influential choice. I hope that the population of our United States will indeed remember the feelings of 9.12 and the days that followed.. More importantly, I hope that we will look deeply into our actions and rely on the principles that Mr Beck is so capably reintroducing to us all.

We can choose to help one another and devote ourselves to se…