Poof money, Poof Partners, Poof Success?

Where does the $800,000,000,000.00 come from for our stimulus, government blow out package.
1. taxes
2. borrowing from future
3. print the money and devalue the dollar even further

All of these have radical impacts.. Why aren't our leaders talking about those openly and transparently? Even thought I disagree ideologically with the government moving and taking over more of our market choices and liberties that isn't my biggest problem with this.

Show me the money! It doesn't just magically "poof" and appear.

Anyone who has every actually run a real business knows this. People who only spend others' money or work for larger organizations, gov't, or companies are less likely to be close to the reality. = politicians, ALL OF THEM.

The spendulum pendulum has indeed swung. noone.. elephant or donkey seems to get it. We can only restore public confidence through transparency and partnership.. real partnership..

So far that partnership is vaporware as well. Poof.. saying that we are partners doesn't make it so.

When will the government start "partnering" with the people rather than dictating to them?


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