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Review: The Art of Love, Jennifer Larmore, Princess

Well, when the soprano says she is a princess, it must be so. Ms Larmore finished off an elegant journey through the musical landscape of love with Victor Herbert's tour de force even including a "viva la diva" from the phenomenal pianist Antoine Palloc.

With her quintessential mastery of Rossini's Cenerentola, I expected her to shine in her first half closer "non piu mesta" and she did not disappoint. The fiery fioratura and passion of bel canto remain her specialty. Tracee and I attended this evening with our daughters, Alyssa and Emma, and they were star struck by the beautiful gown along with the vocal fireworks and refined elegance of these artists' collaboration. The girls were enamored by Ms Larmore's beauty, but my favorite part of the program was the "L'indiffĂ©rent" from Sheherazade by Maurice Ravel. The intricate colors and shadings of the voice coupled with Mr Palloc's piano to create an aura of sound which perfectl…

Be My Love: Happy Valentine's Day

For a day of love, in a time of turmoil. Perhaps, we should just focus on loving one another and just sing!

Poof money, Poof Partners, Poof Success?

Where does the $800,000,000,000.00 come from for our stimulus, government blow out package.
1. taxes
2. borrowing from future
3. print the money and devalue the dollar even further

All of these have radical impacts.. Why aren't our leaders talking about those openly and transparently? Even thought I disagree ideologically with the government moving and taking over more of our market choices and liberties that isn't my biggest problem with this.

Show me the money! It doesn't just magically "poof" and appear.

Anyone who has every actually run a real business knows this. People who only spend others' money or work for larger organizations, gov't, or companies are less likely to be close to the reality. = politicians, ALL OF THEM.

The spendulum pendulum has indeed swung. noone.. elephant or donkey seems to get it. We can only restore public confidence through transparency and partnership.. real partnership..

So far that partnership is vaporware as well. Poof.. say…

Money, money, money

I didn't draw it... but I saw it in a post on Facebook and I LOVE IT! If anyone knows exactly where this came from, please let me know so I can credit the artist.

Petersburg Serenade at 6:30, not 7

Sorry I was putting out the wrong time for this concert in previous emails.. It begins at 6:30 and should run for just over 45 minutes.. This is a fun concert and perfect for a Valentines celebration evening.. It is a great program for a night out, some fun music followed by dinner.. I hope I get to see you.

SERENADE: Friday Feb 13, 2009 6:30 PM
Jeff Prillaman, Tenor, Charles Hulin, Piano
St Paul's Episcopal Church, Petersburg VA
info call: 804 733 3415
In this exciting concert, Tenor Jeff Prillaman and Pianist Charles Hulin will explore the many facets and cultural ideas of "Serenade" with selections ranging from Canzone to Aria and from Barber of Seville to Boheme to Carousel and even the Student Prince. The program includes tributes and favorites from great serenaders such as Luciano Pavarotti and Mario Lanza.

The simplicity of a serenade is virtually unmatched in its ability to couple human emotions linking both hearts and minds. Today’s program was conceived wit…

Be My Love

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope you will consider taking the time to come out and support me tomorrow as I begin a "Serenade" journey for this year. I am excited about the music, and Charles and I are embarking on a new journey this year through it. Tomorrow will be special for us as we serenade you with beautiful music, in beautiful space, on what is sure to be a beautiful afternoon.

Please consider taking the time to come out and support us. If you do decide to come, please stay and say Hello afterwards. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the program and your own "Serenade" journey as we all learn a little more about loving one another.

Hope to see you tomorrow at 4pm.

Be My Love...

Serenade: presented by Tenor, Jeff Prillaman and Pianist, Charles Hulin for the
Second Sunday South of the James Series at
Bon Air Presbyterian, Sunday Feb 8 4:00 PM.

From: Jeff Prillaman<>
Subject: Serenades to you from Jeff Prillaman, Tenor

You are cor…

Serenade, the program, Richmond 2009

Bon Air Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA on Feb 8 at 4pm
St Paul's Episcopal in Petersburg, VA on Feb 13 at 7pm

The simplicity of a serenade is virtually unmatched in its ability to couple human emotions linking both hearts and minds. Today’s program was conceived within the context of human love as it transcends our simple existence in this world, place, and time. Journey with us as we explore the many sounds, textures, and styles of serenades bridging the musical spectrum of recent memory.

Canzone; The Barber of Seville; Rossini
Serenade; La Jolie Fille de Perth; Bizet

Beauties of Masaniello; Auber-Iucho

Mattinata; Leoncavallo
La Serenata; Tosti
Non ti scordar di me; Capua

Mademoiselle Sontag’s Waltz; Henry Herz

Che gelida manina; La Boheme; Puccini