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Simple songs.. Serenade..

Isn't is interesting that such simple songs are so effective at communicating and encouraging that most complex of human emotions. Love... Singing is sharing my soul. Singing a simple song, allows me to share more, not less of myself. So the secret sauce is to love others and share that love through my singing. How about you?

Laws of Simplicity

Perhaps the solution to our economic problems today is to simply love and care for one another. One person at a time, one song at a time, one opportunity at a time. We can let God save the world, while we just care about our colleagues, family, neighbors, friends and the people we interact with each day. Love and beauty are true! Simple things are what matter from melody to money.

Serenades in Richmond

You are cordially invited

to three upcoming Jeff Prillaman, tenor events right here in the Richmond region. I hope that you will consider making the time to attend one (or even all ;-) of these concerts and that you know how much it would mean for me to see you in the audience. If you do come, please be sure to stay and say Hi after the concert. I would be honored to talk with you and hear your reaction to the programs and the cultural ideas we explored.

Hope to see you soon & Happy New Year!


SERENADE: Sunday Feb 8, 2009 4:00 PM
Jeff Prillaman, Tenor, Charles Hulin, Piano
Second Sunday South of the James series
Bon Air Presbyterian Church
info call: 804 272-7514 or click here for flyer
In this exciting concert, Tenor Jeff Prillaman and Pianist Charles Hulin will explore the many facets and cultural ideas of "Serenade" with selections ranging from Canzone to Aria and from Barber of Seville to Boheme to Carousel and even t…

Context for relationships

I have really short thought today.. I have a very broad context of relationships set up in my life. From talking with Scott at the basketball game, to the Tchaikovsky rehearsal with Pamela and Lisa last night, to breakfast as Dwayne's place this am, to more BB as the coach of the Fever in about an hour.. I do a ton of different stuff, but the primary reason is so that I can stay in touch with people of many types, personalities and abilities. What is exhausting to some, is actually exhillarating to me. I don't know what I'd do without my many, many lives and the associated, many many friends.

Relationships are a blessing. Now if I can just figure out how to keep up with it all.