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Church is not about assets.

HISS: Head In Sand Syndrome

Alarmi, Alarmi, Are there artists among us?

Roasted high notes

Short List 2009

Break Dancing - Va tenor style.

Illusion of expertise is dangerous.

What is your ex"change" rate?

Guess I'm crazy...

Simple words

Ordained, expectations

License to shine

Flashback, Future, and Faith

No stranger to these sounds. Review: Organist, Scott Dettra at the Washington National Cathedral.

Atlas doesn't shrug in my mind even after weeks.

Tenor to get a Händel on Bruton Parish

Actions and consequences on the journey

Religious Objectivist

We came together today, we just couldn't stay there...912 thinking

Waves, Incoming

Intersection of ideas in quotes, from friends--seeking more.

Illusion of inclusion, choose me...

Unity requires a circle of relationship, not a chain of command

Market driven church reboot?

Big Daddy Bash 2009... set for Aug 15

Only two Friday Forums left..

Forum Failure?

In a VBS, kids retain and remember what?

Facebook Patronus, surprisingly thats a T

Sacrifice for who, by whom?

Embrace your freedom!

God has always been on Twitter

Universal Healthcare Debate Model- IT job opportunity!

Ratings, Rules, Rebel, Recognition, Rewards, Reruns, Relevance

Information & Influence Infiltration - FUN? Forum 061209