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Flawed but honest: Holy Night

Christmas Eve puts a special kind of pressure on singers. I honestly want to sing my best for all the right reasons. I recognize that my contribution to the service is about honoring God and celebrating Jesus' birth. At the same time, I can become consumed with a psychosis about singing a song like O Holy Night which is the beloved Christmas moment of so many. I LOVE singing the song, but it never seems to come out the way I intend. Invariably, I mess up the words, or overpower some subtle line which I am likely the only one paying attention too anyway. The details seem to get in the way so often and I start "in a mental hole".
I sang last night, and I enjoyed making music and contributing to a lovely service. When I listened to the recording this AM, I wasn't pleased at all. For me, the sound was "too far back", the pace a bit frantic at times, and the lines became disjointed all too often. My excuses continue and are disabling and discouraging on man…

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Investment can't stop for music education and opportunities.

Economic times are tight, perhaps the tightest in my adult life. I read an article in NY TIMES which stated that American's appetite for spending is down. Indeed, I agree that we should be reducing spend on "consumer" items.

I believe that it is critical that we invest heavily now in our future via education for ourselves and our children, and for opportunities to grow as individuals and artists. As we seek out Obama's new deal, I hope that he will include investment in the arts, in diverse education experiences and opportunities. Our society will be judged, rightfully so, by the impact we have on our world in relationship to the legacy which we leave for generations in arts, intelligence, science, exploration, etc. "We the people" cannot afford to stop investing in the people "ourselves". Communities, composers, schools, and music/arts must be at the center of the 21st century "new deal".