No money, no choices

Fed up? me too. The combination of the rhetoric of the past weeks from all levels of government and candidates has finally pushed me over the tipping point. Am I still going to vote for McCain Palin? Yes, because I believe they are the right choice. BUT, and there is always a "but" I no longer think either candidate will be able to make much of a difference. The government is overcommitted financially and in the real world when you overcommit your resources, you limit choice and flexibility.

There is no magic formula to fix the world. Economic prosperity comes from investment, innovation and free market enterprise. The juggernaut of the engine for the US is small business and the entrepreneurs not federal regulation, controls, and oversight. The market regulates itself and punishes itself.

NEWSFLASH: the government IS a big corporation in every sense of the term, except of course.. The directors don't get fired for incompetence, and the administration and ineffeciency doesn't have to compete, so it doesn't have to change. I understand and accept the need for the newly titled "rescue plan" but the philosophy is rotten to the core. OUR government can't work efficiently because of its very design. That is the nature of democracy. It is inefficient but it is correct and freedom is the goal. That is also why the government needs to be as small as possible. The bigger it gets, the worse everything will get.

This same theory applies to the church. Effective ministry and social impact is best accomplished one on one. The bigger the institution of the church gets, the less effective it becomes. In its inefficiency and self preserving bureauocracy it loses sight of its mission. A little at a time is all it takes to get really off course after time.

Musicians long ago figured out that a benevolent dictator is the most effective way to create and generate great music. The orchestra and choir are not a democracy. They do what the conductor says, and a great conductor leads in such a way that he/she is able to get out of the way almost completely and trust the community. This gets messy sometimes and requires shaking up, but it is unquestioned in its ability to generate efficiency and excellence.

To everything there is a cycle. Life, Death, Resurrection... and then do it all again...


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