Effective Organization- Oxymoron?

Can you think of any really large company, or civil organizations that you would deem effective when compared to the results of passionate and disciplined individuals either one on one or in small groups? If so, I'd like to hear about it. If an organization is even close it is likely because of the individual contributions and accountability of its members, not because of some grand organizational strategy or even a profound, heroic, leader. More often than not, the organization tends to do more harm than good.

I am struggling of late because I have so little faith in our government to accomplish much of anything effectively. I am indeed angry at the "government" but I'm also angry at myself and my fellow Americans for expecting so much while contributing so little.

We have so much to do and have failed for so long that we have accepted a spirit of complacency which is at the root of ALL of our problems as a nation. I am amazed at my own rhetoric, when I think.. "what if everyone just did their part?". I am at a loss, and can only wish and hope. Not great strategies for change. I'll grant you.

I am doing my part to make a difference in our world, for musicians, people, and communities. Da Capo is something I am proud of... Success or failure in the end is unknown, but at least I'm doing something.


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