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Effective Organization- Oxymoron?

Can you think of any really large company, or civil organizations that you would deem effective when compared to the results of passionate and disciplined individuals either one on one or in small groups? If so, I'd like to hear about it. If an organization is even close it is likely because of the individual contributions and accountability of its members, not because of some grand organizational strategy or even a profound, heroic, leader. More often than not, the organization tends to do more harm than good.

I am struggling of late because I have so little faith in our government to accomplish much of anything effectively. I am indeed angry at the "government" but I'm also angry at myself and my fellow Americans for expecting so much while contributing so little.

We have so much to do and have failed for so long that we have accepted a spirit of complacency which is at the root of ALL of our problems as a nation. I am amazed at my own rhetoric, when I think..…

No money, no choices

Fed up? me too. The combination of the rhetoric of the past weeks from all levels of government and candidates has finally pushed me over the tipping point. Am I still going to vote for McCain Palin? Yes, because I believe they are the right choice. BUT, and there is always a "but" I no longer think either candidate will be able to make much of a difference. The government is overcommitted financially and in the real world when you overcommit your resources, you limit choice and flexibility.

There is no magic formula to fix the world. Economic prosperity comes from investment, innovation and free market enterprise. The juggernaut of the engine for the US is small business and the entrepreneurs not federal regulation, controls, and oversight. The market regulates itself and punishes itself.

NEWSFLASH: the government IS a big corporation in every sense of the term, except of course.. The directors don't get fired for incompetence, and the administration and ineffecien…