Media Lure

I wonder how much the American public realizes that our media's life blood is controversy not unity. The news machine doesn't want to report on an election filled with civility. Their ratings depend on viewers who want to see "Jerry Springer". Two things struck me last night as I "tried" to watch the Republican national convention coverage.
  • I had to turn off the NBC coverage because I wanted to hear the President of the United States speak rather than Brian Williams. Why in the world did they have Brian with the President in the background. Could that have been more disrespectful?At best it was poor production which was further exacerbated when they began presenting the President's speech without the response of the audience. It made him appear to be standing silently but the country was only given half of the experience.
  • Katie Couric sparring with a RNC senior adviser in a situation where she was blatantly attacking Governor Palin rather than just reporting. Again, this was going on while Fred Thompson was speaking. I'd rather have just heard the speeches themselves.
We are intelligent people. We can listen and discern for ourselves. I understand that there is a sequence to the speeches in a convention and that the entire platform message isn't complete until the end. I'd like a chance to listen for myself and make my own judgements.

Dear News Media, please give us a break and just let the speakers speak for a change. If you must weigh in and do you analysis, do it after the speech is complete.


Charles Hulin said…
I've been enjoying coverage of both conventions without any commentary on PBS.
Wesley Handy said…
The coverage of the DNC by NBC was much different! I wonder how Fox covered it, though?
Jeff Prillaman said…
I don't know about the Fox coverage. I watched NBC for the DNC coverage too, mostly because they were using Brokaw. I agree it was different. For the RNC, I did not like the journalistic attack posture propagated by Brian Williams, Ann something or ANY of the MSNBC crowd. Sad commentary on a once great newsroom at NBC.

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