Hero Syndrome: "Believe it or not, its just me."

I became overly excited yesterday at the idea of Obama and McCain suddenly working side by side to make a difference in the world now. Partnership focused on a tactical, plan, Using their influence and clout to assemble their respective parties and ensure action, and not just a discussion of principles and ideas and more promises.

Couple that with a "sighting" of the Greatest American Hero(William Katt) on "Heroes" on Monday night. BTW, he was frozen and then broken into tiny bits. Ouch, that had to hurt. I guess he needed his suit.

I began to think that the idyllic dream/idea of an American Hero saving the day might be contributing to our demise. Surprise world, there is no Superman. Hero syndrome most often gets the hero killed in the real world. Real heroes don't act on behalf of their personal interests ever. They are concerned about the guy next to them. They love their brother and they ACT to ensure his wellbeing. They do not take the time to discuss shared, principles of correctness and diplomacy. If they did, while there were talking, their buddy would simply be killed. The real heroes out there actually take the shots and feel the pain and continue on anyway.

Neither McCain nor Obama can be our next American Hero. That job is already taken by each and every soldier in harm's way, by every father struggling to provide for his family, and by every small business leader clinging to the hope of paying his staff. These folks are in the trenches. By definition, McCain and Obama can only represent them.

Ultimately, which of them has shown the grit and determination to take the pain, accept the risk, and move forward anyway?
Why are we in the public continually enamored with this Hollywood ideal of a hero? Leaders aren't heroes. Leaders are leaders and they rely on heroes to actually get the job done and make a difference in the world around them.

Are you voting for an "idyllic" Hero in November or for someone who can actually lead our country into the future effectively.


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