Dangerous cocktail : Politics & Facebook

Politics plus Facebook equals a whole new "internet" addiction that is down right overwhelming.

I am connected now to so many friends and people that I genuinely care about. My mind is saturated with political commentary on all fronts. I have positions and can carry on genuine civil discourse (sometimes) with them and we can all do this asynchronously across geography and time zone. I am attacked, and can choose my tone and response. I am probably ignored all the same sometimes.

I find myself thinking constantly: "did someone just post another comment" or "wow, I wonder how and why they think like that", or even.. "that was a great point, I need to reconsider my position and do some more research" . Either way, I need to check FB just to see...

The winner in all of this is the social fabric created by the social network. The loser is me in the short term. I have to find the discipline to turn it off and that is easier said than done. After all, the politics will be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Positions and people change. Maybe the technology can help us to learn and work together more effectively. That is certainly my idyllic dream.

The most important thing is the relationships and how they are built or damaged by the discussion.

Danger includes my inability so far to get away from this intense desire and energy to see what everyone else thinks.


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