Convention Attention

The mind numbing political jousting of "conventions" in the past two weeks is finally over. As we enter the next 60 days we are indeed at a cross roads for the future of our country. Things haven't been good for the past few years. Our leaders made some poor decisions and we now in a tough spot. I am intrigued to see if either party can discard "conventional wisdom" and truly strike out on a new road. Can we seek unity as a country, putting aside the convention of divisiveness? Yes, but not without cost and risk.

I was inspired by Sen. McCain and Gov Palin in the past few nights, but I was also inspired by the Obamas. (Less inspired by Biden BTW) The vision of One America, accepting and loving one another and seeking to reach out to the world is warm, fuzzy, idyllic and completely unattainable without the violence and sacrifice of our armed forces. Talk begets talk, which begets talk, which begets talk.. The conventions themselves are testimony of this reality. All the while, people still suffer, hurricanes swirl around, Taliban soldiers kill, Russia expands, China oppresses, and genocide continues.

Our convention of talking and rhetoric is what needs to change. I challenge all of us reject conventional wisdom. Imagine a world where McCain and Obama actually worked together, each in his best arena to implement change and reform. Could it happen? I believe that it can. I support my party and candidate but that doesn't exempt him from my judgement or expectation. We must fight, that is true. We must love, that is true. Where the government is concerned, what we cannot do it just continue to TALK!

Who gives? was the question in my recent Sunday School class. My answer: If the relationship is paramount, then I DO. What would happen if these two men suddenly put partisanship aside and began campaigning together for a New America. What would happen if each of them began promoting the other, if the new convention for change was to support and understand the others' positions? These elections are painful things in the end. It is like splitting a church every four years by convention. Why? It doesn't have to be that way.

Senators! Listen UP! Listen to your own words and trust your hearts. Reject the conventions of your conventions. Reach across the aisle NOW and assemble a unified platform. Don't talk about it. Show us how you will do it TOGETHER!

con·ven·tion - American Heritage Dictionary
A formal meeting of members, representatives, or delegates, as of a political party, fraternal society, profession, or industry.
The body of persons attending such an assembly: called the convention to order.
An agreement between states, sides, or military forces, especially an international agreement dealing with a specific subject, such as the treatment of prisoners of war.
General agreement on or acceptance of certain practices or attitudes: By convention, north is at the top of most maps.
A practice or procedure widely observed in a group, especially to facilitate social interaction; a custom: the convention of shaking hands.
A widely used and accepted device or technique, as in drama, literature, or painting: the theatrical convention of the aside.

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Scott said…
One takeaway from both the Republicrat conventions- the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution were violated by police arresting reporters over and over again in both cities. This was much worse than Chicago in '68. You will not see the sheer audacity of these actions reported or commented on by the corporate media. We are living in trying times indeed- I barely recognize this country anymore.
Jeff Prillaman said…
It is possible for a maverick Republican and a brilliant, inspiring young Democrat to forge a partnership and lead this country into the future "together". I wish, I hope, I want, I ask... Why wait gentlemen? Do it now. Partner now. Define the new road now. Break the mold and stride boldly into a future yet to be constrained or even defined!
Scott said…
Why wait for a partnership?

Go Green!
Wesley Handy said…
Great thoughts. This reminds me of the one thing I was most impressed by in Obama's DNC Speech. After quoting (or was it just before?) MLK, Jr, he said (in so many words) that he wasn't advocating Red State vs Blue State, but the Red White and Blue. Whatever one thinks of Obama's economic policies or views of morality, we must commend the spirit he showed in this part of his speech.

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