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Hero Syndrome: "Believe it or not, its just me."

I became overly excited yesterday at the idea of Obama and McCain suddenly working side by side to make a difference in the world now. Partnership focused on a tactical, plan, Using their influence and clout to assemble their respective parties and ensure action, and not just a discussion of principles and ideas and more promises.

Couple that with a "sighting" of the Greatest American Hero(William Katt) on "Heroes" on Monday night. BTW, he was frozen and then broken into tiny bits. Ouch, that had to hurt. I guess he needed his suit.

I began to think that the idyllic dream/idea of an American Hero saving the day might be contributing to our demise. Surprise world, there is no Superman. Hero syndrome most often gets the hero killed in the real world. Real heroes don't act on behalf of their personal interests ever. They are concerned about the guy next to them. They love their brother and they ACT to ensure his wellbeing. They do not take the time to discuss sh…

Dangerous cocktail : Politics & Facebook

Politics plus Facebook equals a whole new "internet" addiction that is down right overwhelming.

I am connected now to so many friends and people that I genuinely care about. My mind is saturated with political commentary on all fronts. I have positions and can carry on genuine civil discourse (sometimes) with them and we can all do this asynchronously across geography and time zone. I am attacked, and can choose my tone and response. I am probably ignored all the same sometimes.

I find myself thinking constantly: "did someone just post another comment" or "wow, I wonder how and why they think like that", or even.. "that was a great point, I need to reconsider my position and do some more research" . Either way, I need to check FB just to see...

The winner in all of this is the social fabric created by the social network. The loser is me in the short term. I have to find the discipline to turn it off and that is easier said than done. After all…

Interesting Picture

The humor here is a little coarse and hard. I'll give you that, but you can't fault this vehicle for lack of involvement. ;-) We do live in a capitalist society, after all.

Convention Attention

The mind numbing political jousting of "conventions" in the past two weeks is finally over. As we enter the next 60 days we are indeed at a cross roads for the future of our country. Things haven't been good for the past few years. Our leaders made some poor decisions and we now in a tough spot. I am intrigued to see if either party can discard "conventional wisdom" and truly strike out on a new road. Can we seek unity as a country, putting aside the convention of divisiveness? Yes, but not without cost and risk.

I was inspired by Sen. McCain and Gov Palin in the past few nights, but I was also inspired by the Obamas. (Less inspired by Biden BTW) The vision of One America, accepting and loving one another and seeking to reach out to the world is warm, fuzzy, idyllic and completely unattainable without the violence and sacrifice of our armed forces. Talk begets talk, which begets talk, which begets talk.. The conventions themselves are testimony of this real…

Media Lure

I wonder how much the American public realizes that our media's life blood is controversy not unity. The news machine doesn't want to report on an election filled with civility. Their ratings depend on viewers who want to see "Jerry Springer". Two things struck me last night as I "tried" to watch the Republican national convention coverage.
I had to turn off the NBC coverage because I wanted to hear the President of the United States speak rather than Brian Williams. Why in the world did they have Brian with the President in the background. Could that have been more disrespectful?At best it was poor production which was further exacerbated when they began presenting the President's speech without the response of the audience. It made him appear to be standing silently but the country was only given half of the experience.
Katie Couric sparring with a RNC senior adviser in a situation where she was blatantly attacking Governor Palin rather than just r…