Mile High Risk, Mile High Reward

Risk versus reward has been a central theme of my life as it likely has in yours.  Long ago, I learned to accept my high tolerance for risk coupled with experience and a reliance on my faith in God and his promise to "prosper me".  I identify with the republicans and I learn more about the machines of both goverment and communities, I place my trust in people first.  

As a relative newcomer to the political scene, I have been impressed with both the republicans and the democrats' rhetoric of late. That said, rhetoric is just words in the end.  Delivering the goods is something quite different as anyone who actually leads can tell you.  Obama has some great things to say, and inspires even a diehard republican like myself.  McCain shares the classic signs of a leader but he adds the next dimension.  I trust him and he has proven his worth over, and over, and over again.  

His recent selection of Governor Palin is a master stroke if it works.  I hope it does.  Real leadership is almost always about taking risks to gain reward and feeling where the "line" is for making that call.  By the time the party bosses work it all out, and the media machines grind on both of our candidates, it is hard to quantify the risk vs reward in a election.  In a perfect world, I guess we would all get to meet them, shake their hand and test their mettle.  In our world, we have to go with our gut and learn as much as we can.  

As for me and my house.. well...  We will serve the Lord.  but.. we'll vote for McCain - Palin.  I hope you will too.


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