McCain Nation

I hosted my first ever political discussion party last night and we all had a great time. It was inspiring to see others energy and thoughts, and to be able to talk about actions and candidates in an open, safe environment. It was interesting, to see that as we worked through myriad of issues, ideas, character and decisions, the overwhelming worry was with how information is managed and disseminated.
Will we, the citizens of the United, allow our country's destiny to be managed by the media machine?
Have we forgotten that each of us is a critical part of the process?
If we don't stand up and play a role, we are punting our freedom and our rights. No matter your candidate, get out the vote. Invite your friends over and talk. Challenge the process and our culture of isolationism. Have faith in your community, your family, and our founding fathers.

We are all Americans. We do things that shouldn't be possible. We turn challenges into opportunities. We are proud of our heritage, our history and we look forward to our future. I believe in change, but I vote for someone who can make it happen, has made it happen.

Character is the key to leadership, not promises.


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