Lifetime of Experience vs Ideas

I watched this well assembled ad this week and it struck a chord with me. How do we judge a lifetime of experience, unquestioned character, heroism and valor against promise for future. I am as hopeful as the next person, but I think when the job is as important as president, we have to look for more than plans and ideas.

Leadership, real leadership is about making the hard decisions and taking accountability for that decision. That lack of clear accountability for poor decisions is where my support for George W was damaged. I don't see an image of "lack of ownership, accountability" in McCain even though I'm not a huge fan of the more attacking mode of his campaign of late. 

He is and always has been a maverick, trying to do the right thing. I may not have always agreed with every choice, and I don't claim that he is perfect.  That said, I'm not sure that I agree with anyone on everything. 

In the end, we need to elect a leader who can encourage a generation of change, but at the same time make the decisions to deliver it. I vote for lifetime of experience + character over idealism every time.  This isn't the approach I would have had 10-20 years ago when I was inexperienced myself. Maturity, opportunities, successes and failures has a way of changing people. I have learned that ideas simply aren't enough. Knowing HOW to do something is equally important with wanting TO DO something. 

I want to change the world. Best way is to do it one person, opportunity and choice at a time.  My reading of the record says Senator McCain gets that and will do it.


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