Global giants: McCain or Obama

I read an interesting article about the upcoming "religious" forum to be presented by Rick Warren featuring a discussion with both Senator McCain and Senator Obama. Read it here from the Seattle Times.

I have to agree that as a Baptist and a devout Christian, I DO think that religion plays a role in my decision to vote for president. The role, I attribute, is however not escalated to the level of a real issue. I believe that a solid foundation, and proven character grounded in Christian principles is just that. It is a foundation for a man to make decisions in our world. As a leader myself, I use my theological models as a major input to my decisions, but they are not the only models that provide value. Social justice is accomplished on many fronts and systematic theology provide the framework for action, not the action itself.

I agree with Mr Warren that we need to unify and tackle the global giants of our world. I would however define we as: (All of Humanity: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists alike). The all is the hard part.

"Warren wants to mobilize 1 billion Christians to attack what he calls "five global giants": spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease and illiteracy." WARREN

These are all worthy goals, they are indeed giants that dominate our very existence. We need to escalate their importance right alongside an understanding that each of us can make a difference in the world through our actions, and not through just words.

"America has a choice. It's not between a stud and a dud this year," Warren said. "Both of these men care about America. My job is to let them share their views." WARREN

Now for the rub. Reality requires actions which generate results. Results are objective, not subjective. Our choice for a leader will dictate our path into the future. Do we plan to hope for a future and idealist change, or step out and act to make change a reality?

Actions and decisions to affect major problems require both passion and discipline(experience/expertise). In the real world outside of most churchs' view, people are hurting and seeking. We are in a battle, we all see it. Most of us have no idea what do about it.
Policy and idealism that blindly seeks change for change sake is not rooted in a rational or reasonable reading of the history which we know for sure.

I don't think either candidate know exactly what to do to take us into the future. I do however believe that Senator John McCain is the best prepared to lead us all and deal with the certain escalation of issues facing us. He has proven his dedication and service to country repeatedly. He is willing to model the way and challenge the process with actions that aren't always popular. He has done those things and will continue to do so.

Religion, my friends, is important to us but it is not the issue. Who the man is...what he has done, and will do... These are things we can review and be certain of. Who knows what is in a man's heart? I applaud these candidates, as their road is hard. They are to be scrutinized in hard ways. We must judge them for now and trust them for our future. That is hard and scary.

I will pray for both candidates and for our country. I will vote for a leader who is battle tested and who can take us into the future with a framework for seeking significance more than success.


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