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Mile High Risk, Mile High Reward

Risk versus reward has been a central theme of my life as it likely has in yours.  Long ago, I learned to accept my high tolerance for risk coupled with experience and a reliance on my faith in God and his promise to "prosper me".  I identify with the republicans and I learn more about the machines of both goverment and communities, I place my trust in people first.  
As a relative newcomer to the political scene, I have been impressed with both the republicans and the democrats' rhetoric of late. That said, rhetoric is just words in the end.  Delivering the goods is something quite different as anyone who actually leads can tell you.  Obama has some great things to say, and inspires even a diehard republican like myself.  McCain shares the classic signs of a leader but he adds the next dimension.  I trust him and he has proven his worth over, and over, and over again.  
His recent selection of Governor Palin is a master stroke if it works.  I hope it does.  Real leadershi…

Global giants: McCain or Obama

I read an interesting article about the upcoming "religious" forum to be presented by Rick Warren featuring a discussion with both Senator McCain and Senator Obama. Read it here from the Seattle Times.

I have to agree that as a Baptist and a devout Christian, I DO think that religion plays a role in my decision to vote for president. The role, I attribute, is however not escalated to the level of a real issue. I believe that a solid foundation, and proven character grounded in Christian principles is just that. It is a foundation for a man to make decisions in our world. As a leader myself, I use my theological models as a major input to my decisions, but they are not the only models that provide value. Social justice is accomplished on many fronts and systematic theology provide the framework for action, not the action itself.

I agree with Mr Warren that we need to unify and tackle the global giants of our world. I would however define we as: (All of Humanity: Christians…

McCain Nation

I hosted my first ever political discussion party last night and we all had a great time. It was inspiring to see others energy and thoughts, and to be able to talk about actions and candidates in an open, safe environment. It was interesting, to see that as we worked through myriad of issues, ideas, character and decisions, the overwhelming worry was with how information is managed and disseminated.
Will we, the citizens of the United, allow our country's destiny to be managed by the media machine?
Have we forgotten that each of us is a critical part of the process?
If we don't stand up and play a role, we are punting our freedom and our rights. No matter your candidate, get out the vote. Invite your friends over and talk. Challenge the process and our culture of isolationism. Have faith in your community, your family, and our founding fathers.

We are all Americans. We do things that shouldn't be possible. We turn challenges into opportunities. We are proud of our herit…

Lifetime of Experience vs Ideas

I watched this well assembled ad this week and it struck a chord with me. How do we judge a lifetime of experience, unquestioned character, heroism and valor against promise for future. I am as hopeful as the next person, but I think when the job is as important as president, we have to look for more than plans and ideas.

Leadership, real leadership is about making the hard decisions and taking accountability for that decision. That lack of clear accountability for poor decisions is where my support for George W was damaged. I don't see an image of "lack of ownership, accountability" in McCain even though I'm not a huge fan of the more attacking mode of his campaign of late. 
He is and always has been a maverick, trying to do the right thing. I may not have always agreed with every choice, and I don't claim that he is perfect.  That said, I'm not sure that I agree with anyone on everything. 
In the end, we need to elect a leader who can encourage a generat…

Taste... teachable?

"Students, both children and adult" have to experience and understand the role of arts in an increasingly complex world. Consumerism is a fickle friend.

To appreciate the "finer things" in life whether they are rock bands, symphony orchestras, jazz sets, opera, or song recitals... They have to understand what it takes to "DO THAT". Even then, there is no guarantee that they will like it and that has to be okay too.

We as artists are charged to share with them our skills, and to teach them about all that they have as an opportunity, even if/when it exceeds our own ability. We must do more than entertain our world.

GOOD Article from NY Magazine.

Obama-Anity "The One"

Well,  when I talked about the media frenzy around Barack Obama last week, I didn't actually think the Republicans could do anything about it.  Guess I was wrong, and I hope this plays out well. I'm not sure how it will go, but it is certainly entertaining.

In the era of American Idol, popularity rules as we have seen proven out so many times in recent years.  I still think Bo Bice should have won hands down a few years ago. Fantasia had been so wonderful the year before, only to see artistic soul and innovation dashed on the ground in front of beauty, sex appeal and a good voice.  Sorry, that was a tangent. Oops, I did it again. 
There is something familiar about the compelling rhetoric and vision that Mr. Obama presented. The style, the elegant presentation and the smile are just a little too perfect.  I know this is judging, but I hope others will listen to that inner voice telling them, that this is just too good to be true.  I listened, and decided. It is!  
I ca…