Rhetoric vs Reality

Couple of comments came in today on my McCain post and they struck a chord with me.  I have definitely spent a lot of time in the past few years trying to figure out where to embrace reality.  I recognize that I often revel in rhetoric. I guess that is just how it is.  

As much as I try to become objective. I can't embrace indicting and accusatory ideas very well. This gets me and many into trouble when we have to make hard decisions.  Guess it is good I'm not running for President.  I'll say a prayer for those who are.  

I sincerely hope that we can all cut through the rhetoric and find an objective standard on which to base our decisions. Mine aren't perfect, but then again, I'm not sure any are. I'll keep working on it.   

Consistency through inconsistency.


Alex said…
Personally, I find the c-word very offensive. I have never used it in any form and never will.

Since 'Silence = Complicity' it seems you approve of this word. A sad indictment on you if your wife or if any of your children are daughters and they are ever faced with verbal abuse that you will close your ears and pretend it never happened.

All you have here is rhetoric. Unable to defend against specific failings of your candidate you pretend it never happened and hope it will go away. That does not change reality. That is denial.

Hopefully your children will rise above that and defend people who are abused and hold politicians responsible for their actions rather than base their support on a few buzz words like integrity the John (Keeting 5) McCain doesn't live up to.

OH - and I'll keep reminding you of how McCain treats women from now until the election and perhaps when you look at your wife and your daughters you'll think of the word that he might someday call them.
Jeff Prillaman said…
Since you don't know me or my family, I would respectfully request that you leave them out of your comments. I will not engage in a point by point debate on statements, if the discussion becomes indicting and adversarial.

I am open to hearing about what your candidate has to offer, but I would prefer that we keep the discussion broad and positive. I will continue to delete and remove comments which are not presented in an edifying spirit and I reserve the sole right to make that call.

I didn't appreciate your "threat" to continue to remind me about my choice for a candidate nor your cheap utilization of family and parenthood to try and generate a response. My opinions are mine and I assure you that your adversarial attack mode of communication will not have any effect on me or my actions.

If you don't like my rhetoric and focus on altruistic ideals, then I would encourage you to simply read another blog. There are plenty. I don't enjoy mudslinging. This is the last time that I will engage you in this type of blow by blow discussion. In the future, I will simply delete the threads.

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